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April's Member Appreciation - Matt Ramsdale of 'The Mishmash Remedy'

In April, we celebrate our amazing register member Matt Ramsdale, Matt lives in Middlesborough where his business ‘The Mishmash remedy’ is based. 


We asked Matt to share some information about his business, teachings and his own meditation experience, so that you can get to know him better.



Here is what Matt told us about his own meditation experience…


“I began meditating about 8 years ago when my mental wellbeing spiralled. I found it helped significantly with issues around anxiety, panic and depression.


Unfortunately, without consistency and guidance it couldn’t stop the spiral and at the age of 35 my mental health had hit rock bottom and I was now in the depth of alcoholism.


It was in recovery that my meditation practice became cemented as part of my every day life and I now practice for both my mental wellbeing but also for a spiritual connection.


Spirituality has been huge in my recovery and connection to a higher power, through meditation has been incredible”.



Matt trained with BSoM to become an externally accredited meditation teacher because…


“As I was learning to meditate I found that there was no guidance given by many teachers that I encountered. I needed guidance around what to expect, different types of meditation and how each type serve those practicing, what meditation was, how to breath, how to use my awareness.


No guidance at all, it was a case of sit down, close your eyes and go!!!!!


I got so frustrated with this and I knew I wanted to teach this practice so when I looked for courses and found the BSoM course I decided to enquire. 


After speaking with Catherine I knew this was the course for me. It covered the science, history, the business aspects as well as types of meditation and learning how to deliver them to a class of students”.




What he loved about the training was…


“The history, spirituality and also science of the course”.



About Matt’s business ‘The MishMash Remedy’….


4 months into recovery I decided to start The Mishmash Remedy. I realised early on that the problems I had with alcohol were just a symptom of a great issue around my mental wellbeing and spiritual health.


It still frustrates and perplexes me today that there is such a stigma around mental health. Stigma was a huge contributing factor to me suppressing my issues over the first 30 years of my life and it drives me mad that everyday people suffer because they don’t feel they can address it or know how to.


Being a man from Middlesbrough (where men in particular are told not to show emotion) I feel I have an advantage to reaching those people who will benefit hugely from meditation but will not have even considered it an option. 



Matt’s favourite aspect of teaching meditation  is …


“Service to others”




“Being a meditation teacher gives me purpose, something I lacked for the first 35 years of my life”.



About Matt’s work…


Matt teaches men and women and his main focus in teaching meditation is helping those in recovery. 


His meditation classes are pulled together with mindful/mindset/scientific principles that complement a consistent meditation practice.


He also has a community page on Instagram and TikTok for men in sobriety, whether it is through choice or necessity. 





He offers the following sessions:


  • Beginners meditation (in person and online)
  • 1:2:1 coaching
  • Men focussed Meditation and mindfulness



Here are some of Matt’s upcoming offerings…



The Power of Brotherhood (June) – 4 Week Online Course


The Power of Brotherhood course if about giving a place where men can comfortably learn methods for managing and improving their mental wellbeing.


It is about men supporting men and learning from each other. The stigma around men’s mental health is of epic proportions and it is so damaging to so many men. 


Yet, the solution is pretty simple. 


We as beings are made up of a physical body and a mind and a soul or consciousness (however you wish to describe it), yet most men do not give any focus to their mind and soul which frustrates me incredibly.


Through meditation and mindful practices men will learn how to navigate life with much more ease and focus.


A link to book the course can be found on the Instagram page 


@the_mishmash_remedy . Just follow the link in the bio.


Or book directing via:



Follow Matt on Social Media to stay up to date with his classes and events...








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