What do our amazing graduates think of the BSOM Meditation Teacher Training courses.

Here is some feedback from our recent courses in 2023


"I am immensely grateful for Sarah's guidance throughout my meditation teacher training journey. Her meticulous feedback and support illuminated my strengths and areas for growth, enhancing my teaching skills. Exploring various meditation techniques under her tutelage expanded my horizons, promoting inclusivity in my classes. Sarah's positive feedback on my assignments and talks boosted my confidence and passion for teaching. Her dedication and expertise are truly inspiring. Thank you, Sarah, for your invaluable contributions to my journey as a meditation teacher.

I am grateful for the British School of Meditation's commitment to continuous professional development, which has enriched my journey as a meditation teacher. Their unwavering support and sense of community have been invaluable in fostering growth and excellence in my practice. I wholeheartedly recommend the British School of Meditation to anyone aspiring to become a skilled and dedicated meditation teacher."


"When I first signed up for the BSoM teaching course I was not aware of how much knowledge, development and confidence it would truly give me. I have been meditating a long time but learning how to teach meditation is a whole different experience. There are so many things that you need to know to become a fully competent teacher and the BSoM gave me that platform. I fully recommend this course to anyone that wants to teach meditation, it is a very comprehensive course and gives a great deal of depth into all you will need to teach and run a successful meditation business. Catherine made this experience extra special"


"Your teaching has been fantastic and so comprehensive. I appreciate all of your help and support. It’s certainly been a massive learning curve for me but you have made it possible for me to enjoy the learning process"


"Thank you so much for your support over the last few months, it has been a great experience and I’m going into this new venture with the confidence and knowledge gained from all of the work and assessments we did together. Every unit we worked on has been so useful when writing my business plan for my own course"


"The extremely high standard of the training I have received on this course, plus the research and studying that I have done has put me in a position where I now believe in the power of meditation more than I ever did, even after years of practice"


"Sarah, thank you from one soul to another for not only being a fantastic teacher but also a wonderful human being! You have a wonderful presence and loving aura and from the moment you greeted me at the top of the stairs to the final day, it has been a privilege to gain wisdom and knowledge from you and absolute joy! :-)"


"Having just completed my meditation teaching course I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with Catherine on my journey. I have no doubt that I will continue to learn with the BSoM and look forward to gaining more knowledge of Meditation and its many benefits”

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few days and look forward to shaping my business with my new venture. I have also really appreciated the standard, high quality and assessment that BSoM provides" 


"The course was such a pleasure, you were amazing to learn from and it’s been a beautiful journey ❤ I’ve learned so many new styles that are so beneficial to me and really deepened my relationship to my practice and the way I teach"


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The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the  growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.

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