What do our amazing graduates think of the BSOM Meditation Teacher Training courses.


"It was indeed really nice during these last two days. In fact since the beginning to till now you have been a really helpful , welcoming, accommodating and really warm hearted person. I personally felt really comfortable in this group. Thank you again." Phub Wangdi, January 2021

I am very impressed with the British School of Meditation’s course, for several reasons. The content of the course was extensive and has given me the ability to go and run meditation courses confidently and with an in depth understanding of all the fundamental aspects of meditation. The professionalism of both the school and the individual teacher was to a very high standard. The school has clearly put a lot of effort into developing a brilliant course and it was delivered in an inspiring, interesting and varied way in terms of teaching methods. Catherine Banks as a teacher is a definite asset to the school and her knowledge, support, encouragement and all round kindness and compassion is a testimonial to what meditation can do for you, she clearly “practices what she preaches” as the saying goes. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone wishes to learn about meditation, as their ethos, professionalism, passion and knowledge is exemplary. - Janice. Manchester student, Spring 2019

In my opinion, because Catherine had invested so much time and effort in the preparation for the online course, the two days ran perfectly. We were given sufficient opportunities to ask any questions that we had. Catherine explained everything clearly and in all honesty I felt as though I was in the classroom. I would have no hesitation in undertaking any further courses with BSM online because of how well this course was run. - Elaine. Online student Summer 2020

I recently undertook Part 2 of the training via Zoom. When lockdown measures were starting to be announced I was concerned that the whole course was going to be delayed so I was really pleased to learn we were able to undertake Part 2 online and continue with our qualification. The sessions online were fantastic, well paced and informative and while I would have liked to see my fellow participants I do not feel I missed out on any of the experience.

Using Zoom was a great idea as we could still work in our breakout rooms as we would have done face to face. Catherine was great at facilitating the sessions and kept us all motivated and engaged. In summary, I don't think it made too much difference being online and I would still thoroughly recommend the course to other people. - Becky. Online student, Autumn 2020

"Thanks so very much for the exceptional BSoM teacher training you delivered! All aspects of the course, from the amazing venue and wonderfully positive atmosphere to the extremely high quality of the teaching and materials, contributed to a wonderful learning experience! The course itself was also very well planned, and I feel ready to offer my services as a meditation teacher, with an array of meditation techniques, good working knowledge of the science behind the health and wellness it brings, an understanding of the history and traditions and excellent advice on how to set up and run my own business! 

I'm truly grateful that you've turned my passion into my profession: thank you from the bottom of my heart! "

(Jo Hemnant student MTTcourse Sept - November 2015) 


" thoroughly enjoyed my studies with the British School of Meditation, and found it very useful when starting my own meditation business. The sessions were fun and informative and professionally delivered. I would have no hesitation in recommending their course to anyone interested in teaching meditation."

Kathryn Buxton, BSoM graduate, 2012


"An excellent and comprehensive meditation teaching course that provided all the theoretical, experiential and practical learning I needed to start teaching meditation. Lesson and business planning elements are included and I felt safe and confident with the tutors. A hugely enjoyable and useful course that I would recommend to any experienced meditator wanting to learn how to teach."

Claire Cunden


"Mary Pearson's "Meditation: The Stress Solution" is an easy-to-read guide to bring meditation into your life. Mary's practical approach allows complete beginners to understand what mediation is all about. Mary takes you through simple-to-do practices including breathing, the use of mantras and visualisation that are great for anyone who has been scared off by the mystical or religious side of this practice. As an added bonus, these exercises are also on a CD that's included with the book. This book is a great way to begin your meditation practice."

Jennie Bayliss, Red Dandelion


"I am a walking, living, breathing testimony of the power of meditation - it has supported me through the most challenging times of my life. I feel very blessed that I am on my path of truth. Thank you to Mary and Helen for your professional guidance and support. The course was really well structured and provided me with the necessary space to develop and deepen my daily personal practice. What a joy it will be to teach the gift of meditation and to promote its endless benefits for the mind, body and spirit; spreading love, happiness and peace within individuals, communities and throughout the world."

Ann Ward DipBSoM

"What an amazing few days. Everything just came together so easily and that is all down to the high level of work you have put into this course. The feedback has been amazing; with people telling me it has been the best course they have ever been on. I feel that I teaching something which is of high quality. So thank you for asking me to be a part of it."

Sarah Presley, BSoM Trainer, Bristol Centre.


"Just want to express my appreciation again. Thank you so, so much! This is the best training I've ever attended. Both of you are so kind, patience and supportive! And the energy within the group was so perfect. I learnt so much, not only about meditation but also opened my eyes to the smart thinking and good nature in everyone!"

Tammy Yick, student on one of our training courses in 2013


"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how very much I have enjoyed reading your book. I couldn't put it down, and found myself saying 'Yes, yes, YES!' many times, as your words beautifully encapsulate and convey precisely my own thoughts on meditation. I loved your practical, down to earth approach as well as your compassion and empathy. I think the selection of meditations are fantastic too, and an excellent variety. The CD has been well played here, and my husband has even commented on how relaxing the meditations sound. What an absolute gem of a book - thank you."

Annette Jeffrey, student on autumn 2012 course


"Both of our teachers, Mary and Helen, are good examples of what happens when you bring meditation into your life. They are calm, warm and empathetic teachers. Because they are also grounded, practical, efficient and organised individuals they have been able to realise their dream of creating the British School of Meditation to train good teachers to ensure more people can attend meditation classes."

Lesley O’Neill, student on the Meditation Teacher Course


“My surprise from the first class was that meditation is something that I CAN do. It is no longer the seemingly impossible task that only yogis or very spiritual people can do. Mary grounds the ideas of meditation in ways that are accessible to everyone and she has enabled me to meditate.”

Cerys Williams


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