CPD: Continuing Professional Development

The British School of Meditation is committed to the on-going training of all its teachers.

On-going support

If you train with us to become a Meditation Teacher not only do you get a nationally recognised, externally accredited qualification with Ofqual recognition, you also get on-going support.


Externally accredited for your development PD, Continuing Professional Development, is an integral part of being one of our teachers. Once you have qualified with us you are given the opportunity to join us on our CPD days online and at some of our different centres. 

The benefits to you include:

  1. The opportunity to attend training days on many different subjects. Some of the training we have offered has included sessions with experts in the world of meditation such as Dr David Hamilton www.drdavidhamilton.com
    David holds a PHD in chemistry and during his research became fascinated by the power of the mind to heal the body. He has published several books on the power of meditation. 

  2. Training also includes looking at how you can develop your business as a meditation teacher. 

  3. CPD also offers you the opportunity to meet with other BSoM teachers and share experiences and expertise. 

  4. The co -owners of BSoM are committed to working with you to help you deliver the best training to your classes. Our on-going support will help you to develop your skills and expertise as a meditation teacher. Your students can really benefit from you participation in on-going CPD.

Looking to become a Meditation Teacher?  

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The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the  growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.

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