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One of the advantages of training with The British School of Meditation is the emphasis we put on the how you would go about starting a meditation business once you have qualified with the BSoM.

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Helping you develop a successful meditation business

There is much more to being a Meditation Teacher and starting a meditation business than wanting to pass on your love of meditation to others.

The big difference with our training is that we have a whole unit of the course devoted to looking at meditation business ideas and how you would start and run your meditation business. The course takes very seriously the whole idea that meditation and business go together to create a successful business.


Unit Five of the Meditation Teacher Training Course looks at the whole concept of meditation and business. We look at how you would choose a suitable venue, at creating a proper business plan, and at running your business. You will discuss with your trainers and fellow students various meditation business ideas and look at how you can build a meditation business in your area.

Many of the people who have trained with us have gone on to create successful meditation businesses and are spreading the power of meditation and its benefits onto more and more people.

If you look at our Register you can see some of the people who have trained with us and the classes that they are running in their local area. Go to the Find A Meditation Teacher part of the website to find qualified teachers all over the country.

The BSoM provides all our graduate teachers with on-going support and regular CPD days. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and we at BSoM are committed to providing high quality CPD sessions for our meditation teachers.

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The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the  growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.

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