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A Walking Meditation is Kew Garden. by Catherine Thomlinson

Today, when I was in Kew Gardens, I practised a walking meditation.

I was one of the first through the gates at opening time and most other visitors set off at a fast and determined pace. So it might have looked a little strange to them to see a figure walking quite slowly, but I didn’t mind!

As I walked, I connected with my feet on the ground. This was an exercise in itself as so many thoughts kept coming into my mind about the sensations and what I could feel, and even what I was going to do when I got home. But I kept returning my attention to each step and the point where my feet connected with the ground.

I became increasingly aware of the beauty of nature all around me. It was vibrant and inwardly still at the same time and everything was reflecting ‘just being’. Just as I was. There was lots more letting the thoughts go during this experience and allowing the attention just to rest – it was a constant practice!

Later, I reflected on the wonderful Sanskrit statement padam, padam, prati padam, arhati, iti, pratipadicam which means step by step, at every step, stands waiting that which is propitious for the next step.

Walking meditations are a wonderful way of being present, connecting with the stillness within and without, and the potential of each moment.

Catherine Thomlinson



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