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January's Member Appreciation - Gillian Ward, Mindful Medicine

In January, we celebrate our amazing register member Gillian Ward of Mindful Medicine.   


Mindful Medicine was created to drive forward a personalised and integrated approach to health and wellbeing and encourage people to take a part in owning and restoring their health, where possible. Whether suffering physically, mentally or emotionally, Mindful Medicine provides drug-free treatments for the relief of stress, anxiety, pain, low energy and sleep problems, and for the prevention of recurring seasonal conditions. Mindfulness and meditation classes, courses and retreats are specifically developed to support this journey and manage existing symptoms, conditions and diseases; also, to aid a speedier recovery from illness or injury.


We asked Gillian to share some information about her business, her teachings and her own meditation experience, so that you can get to know her better.


Here is what Gillian told us about her own meditation experience…


“My own meditation experience began at 12 years old when I managed to accompany my Mum to her Yoga classes! I loved it and was curious about the relaxation at the end – something I knew immediately felt different, yet deeply restorative. Much later on in 2003, I set off to continue my corporate career in Sydney and was planning to study Yoga alongside, but in the interim came across Australian modality called AcuEnergetics®, which I began studying in 2005. I studied with people from many health-related careers including Physiotherapy, Pharmacology and Dentistry, and the health outcomes from our growing practical experience and historic case studies were astounding. The key component that all practitioners had to fine tune was their meditation practice without which it was impossible to treat people. From then on in, I practised and practised and taught clients via the student clinic how to meditate”.



Gillian trained with BSoM to become an externally accredited meditation teacher because…


“Having worked in corporate for many years, I wanted to expand my offering back into the corporate environment and support teams and organisations. For this reason, I felt it was important to look for a nationally recognised accreditation. The British School of Meditation (BSOM) offered me this, plus the opportunity to meet others within the industry; and gain Ofqual recognition and full external accreditation by Ascentis”.



What she loved about the training was…


“In addition to the motivations above, it was really interesting to find out what I didn’t know and also develop a few types and techniques of meditation that were previously unfamiliar or uncomfortable to me, such as chanting. I was able to expand my offerings with renewed vigour and confidence to help those in my clinic suffering from stress, pain and sleep. 

I actually loved the entire course both theory and practical, but knowing the practical is the all important part, it was great to be guided and explore new meditation techniques within a learning setting. I also loved the module on choosing ONE benefit of meditation; thoroughly researching and presenting it back. Even back in 2018, reducing loneliness and social isolation was a surprising benefit of meditation and then we had locksdown, so the research and content became even more relevant very quickly”.



About Gillian’s business, Mindful Medicine


After having her family, Gillian set up her business in 2014 and more formally with branding, website and social media in 2016. Very quickly following BSOM accreditation, she was in a better position to work with David Lloyd Fitness, Parkinson’s UK, schools, varying businesses and she has a dedicated ‘Sleep Retreat’ group on Facebook. She has chosen to specialise in stress, pain and sleep. With that focus in mind, Gillian has been running a weekly class Midday Meditation (free) since the first lockdown, she runs monthly Sunday Restorative Meditation mini-retreats (both in person and online) and has recently launched Wellbeing & Menopause Retreats in collaboration with Yoga and Nutrition.  


Audiences vary from individuals vowing never to set foot in a group class, to those who have followed Gillian’s group work loyally from the beginning, from busy national sales teams to 650 staff at a 24/7 boarding and day school (with shift working) for children and young adults with severe Autism. She has worked with both the sufferers and partners/carers of Parkinson’s Disease for many years and like much of her work, it’s split between in person and online offerings. 


In addition to the above, Gillian offers a regular introductory/refresher course in Meditation, Tasters, Community Wellbeing for schools and organisations.  She also works with individuals one to one often to help alleviate symptoms of stress, e.g. skin problems, pain, sleep. Other regular collaborations include working with a Singing Bowl and Gong Practitioner to deliver a deeply healing evening of sound and meditation. Although she loves working with children on occasion, Gillian feels her classes are better suited to adults and accompanied teens. All registered attendees within a household, including accompanied teens are welcome within the one booking to attend her online classes.



In addition to teaching meditation…


Gillian’s primary work is in AcuEnergetics®, an Australian modality supporting body and mind. It works with the bio-electrical system in the body and encourages the body to promote faster, natural healing to ease pain and improve physical and emotional health. She has plans to add to her portfolio and study more and is currently exploring those opportunities. 


Her favourite aspect of teaching is…


“Meeting and getting to know people, and supporting them through numerous health and wellbeing challenges. It’s incredible watching them put these gentle, yet powerful meditation techniques to good use long after class, which I’ve always encouraged. Feedback is constant and varies from calming pre-operative nerves for dental and medical procedures to quelling road rage once and for all. From being able to get to sleep in one minute (after regular nightly alarms to take Parkinson’s medication) to managing to have the best night’s sleep in ten years, despite post-cancer medication causing insomnia (as a listed side-effect)”. 



How you can work with, or find out more about Gillian and Mindful Medicine.


Upcoming classes, courses, retreat and events:

Midday Meditation | Every Wednesday@Noon via Zoom | All welcome


Sunday Restorative Meditation Online | Sun 11 Feb via Zoom only


Wellbeing & Menopause Retreat | Sat 24 Feb@10am-1pm | Nr. Newbury

Almost full, this is the third of our very successful retreats incorporating Yoga, Nutrition and Meditation to best support hormone health through Perimenopause, Menopause and beyond 


For focused support with sleep, please email to arrange an appointment 


5 day online sleep retreat programme - visit 


Spring Wellbeing Day/Evening – details TBC, please email to register interest.



Social media and website links:




IG: Gillianmindfulmedicine








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