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Workshop with Dr David Hamilton

Workshop with Dr David Hamilton

On Saturday, 26th March the British School of Meditation was delighted to welcome back
 David Hamilton to Cheltenham to run a workshop for us. 

David is the author of 11 books, the most recent of which is ‘Why Woo Woo Works’ 

After studying for a PhD in organic chemistry, David began working for Astra Zeneca. He was working on drugs to combat heart disease and cancer. He became more and more interested in the results using placebos and decided to leave the company and become a writer and speaker on the mind body connection. His first book ‘It’s the Thought that Counts’ was published in 2005. 

Here is what David says about his journey to becoming a writer and speaker:

‘After completing my PhD in organic chemistry, I worked in R&D in the pharmaceutical industry, developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Inspired by the placebo effect, and how some people's conditions would improve because they believed a placebo was a real drug, I left the industry to write books and educate people in how they can harness their mind and emotions to improve their mental and physical health.

I'm author of 11 books, including the Amazon bestseller, 'The Five Side Effects of Kindness'. I'm also a magazine columnist, a regular podcast guest, and have been a featured guest on Channel 4's, 'Sunday Brunch Live' in the UK and CBS Sunday Morning in the USA, as well as on numerous BBC radio shows.

I'm a regular speaker in both the public and corporate sector. I've delivered talks for Google, 3M, Bank of England, HSBC, NHS, Electrolux, Diageo, Costa, and many others.

And I'm the honorary scientific advisor for the charity, 52 Lives, which helps people in need through acts of kindness.

I'm an advocate for kindness and work passionately to inspire a kinder world.

Be kind is more than just a hashtag’.

David became a regular speaker for the Meditation School and we were very pleased to have him to come and run a workshop for us on the science behind such topics as Reiki, crystals, and meditation.  

This was the first face to face workshop the Meditation School has run since the start of the Pandemic. It was so good to see so many people together in a room again after such a long time. There is something very special about sharing an amazing presentation live in the company of other people. Zoom has been a wonderful innovation and such a useful tool during lockdown, but it cannot match the feeling of being present in a room with other like-minded people.

Helen and I welcomed old friends and new on the day. It was good to see people who had travelled from many parts of the country to hear David speak. David is an inspiring speaker and I thoroughly recommend him to you. Search out his website for details of talks and workshops he is running.

Mary Pearson.


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