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July's Member Appreciation - Louise Burgess, Folkestone Meditation

In July we celebrate our fantastic register member Louise Burgess. 


Louise is based in Folkestone, Kent where she lives and runs her business ‘Folkestone Meditation’.


We asked Louise to share some information about her business, her teachings and her own meditation experience so that you can get to know her better.


What Louise says about meditation…


“Meditation has always been a part of my adult life as a resource for supporting my wellbeing, but I have had a formal and regular meditation practise for 3 years. I have had bouts of anxiety for many years and have tried lots of different ways of managing it. After a particularly debilitating episode I signed up to some online Buddhist meditation classes and began to make meditation a vital part of my day to day life. It has helped me so much. I then did a few mindfulness courses including the MBCT, and things really started to shift for me. I haven’t looked back”



She trained with the British School of Meditation because...


“I wanted a course that was a recognised and accredited qualification so I could feel really confident and prepared to teach others. I also wanted an in-person course with real people in real time! So I was delighted to find BSoM which ticked both of these boxes…



….I work for a Local Government Authority as an Employee Engagement Specialist and I lead on our employee wellbeing. I had a very strong calling to bring meditation and mindfulness to my workplace to help my colleagues, many of whom were struggling (as so many of us did) during the pandemic; working from home, isolated, stressed and fearful. So I decided to train so that I could share the tools that have helped me so much, with my colleagues”



What she loved about the training course was…


I loved learning the science and research behind ancient practises and what we now know about why they are so effective and beneficial. I also loved the practical element, of course, keeping a journal and reflecting deeply on my own practise helped me take it to a new level. I also found the ‘business’ side of things incredibly useful. Loved it all!


About Louise’s business


Louise set up Folkestone Meditation because she loved the impact it was having in her work place and wanted to take it wider. She just felt very strongly that is what she needed to do. She works with individuals, groups and also corporate clients. 


Louise co-runs a Yin yoga and meditation class with a fabulous yoga teacher. They theme classes each week and the yoga poses and the meditation are both aligned with the theme. It’s a very special 90 minutes each week!


She also co-runs retreats with her best friend of 27 years who is an eco-therapist. These retreats offer people the chance to step away from the day-to-day stresses of life and re-connect with themselves (through meditation) and with nature (through eco-therapy activities). Lousie says “We have a lot of fun, it’s deeply rejuvenating and includes a delicious lunch! We also offer corporate away days”


In addition to teaching meditation…


Lousie is a qualified Breathwork Coach and works with people over a period of 4 weeks to help them learn to use their breathing to balance and re-set their nervous system and manage stress and anxiety. They work together to devise a short daily practise that works for them, that has profound and immediate results as well as an accumulative long term effect. 


She also delivers a 90 minute ‘Breathwork for managing stress’ session to corporate businesses which has been very well received.



Her favorite aspect of teaching is…


Having people tell me what a positive impact meditation and breathwork has on their mental health and wellbeing. It’s the reason why came to the practices and it is so rewarding to see it helping others too.



How can you work with or find out more about Louise?



Upcoming events 


Breathing Space retreat, Goodnestone - 9th July, 10am -3pm


Find out more here....


To book, please email






Follow Louise on Social Media




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