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February's Member Appreciation - Jingying Xu, Meditate into Prosperity (MiP)

In February, we celebrate our amazing register member Jingying Xu of Meditate into Prosperity (MiP).


Jingying Xu, Ph.D., DipBSoM. is a Level-3 meditation teacher and a registered member of the British School of Meditation. Having lived in the UK for 22 years, she is now based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, with her two children. She holds a Ph.D. in Public Health and Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and formerly worked as a Research Scientist with the University of Oxford's Medicine Quality Research Group. In March 2023, she co-founded the Abundance Living Institute, and in January 2024,  became a certified Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner.


Meditate into Prosperity (MiP) was established based on her over 15 years of extensive practice and research in meditation, physical and emotional healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. Jingying’s courses, designed for both children and adults, aim to guide participants along a path of inner peace and self-discovery, raising consciousness and unlocking the innate mechanisms for growth and success.


We asked Jingying to share some information about her business, her teachings and her own meditation experience, so that you can get to know her better.


Here is what Jingying told us about her own meditation experience…


“I have been practicing meditation for over 15 years, delving into styles like mindfulness, loving-kindness, focused attention, Zen, and visualisation. In addition, my journey includes 17 years of yoga and ongoing learning in Qigong and Tai Chi, which are both forms of moving meditation that enhance consciousness through bodywork. I also partake in barefoot walking meditation daily, weather permitting.


Furthermore, I've discovered that meditation is a crucial component of personal growth theories and practices, such as reprogramming the subconscious mind. This integration is immensely rewarding and broadened my understanding and appreciation of meditation's transformative power. I am constantly inspired to meld traditional meditation methods with contemporary personal growth strategies, creating a holistic approach to wellbeing and self-discovery”



Jingying trained with BSoM to become an externally accredited meditation teacher because…


“I chose the British School of Meditation (BSoM) for their structured approach to training, professional development, and notably, their academic rigor. BSoM’s curriculum is meticulously designed, offering a comprehensive blend of practical skills and in-depth theoretical knowledge. This robust academic framework was crucial in my choice, as it aligns with my commitment to delivering high-quality meditation teaching. Additionally, BSoM’s nationwide network of meditation teachers provides a valuable platform for peer support and ongoing professional learning. Being part of this community, with opportunities for continuous growth and development, was a key factor in my decision to train with BSoM.


My motivation for undertaking the BSoM course was deeply rooted in my own journey of healing and awakening, driving my desire to empower individuals in both their personal and professional lives. I aimed to explore and share the profound benefits of meditation, focusing specifically on emotional healing, stress reduction, and the facilitation of personal growth and transformation. This pursuit was inspired by the transformative changes I experienced, underscoring my commitment to helping others realise their potential through meditation and understanding the power of the mind”.



What she loved about the training was…


“… learning about different types of meditations and the science behind meditation. It provided a solid foundation for my teachings, allowing me to combine scientific insights with practical meditation skills”.



About Jingying’s business, Meditate into prosperity


Jingying began developing the core ideas and course structures for Meditate into Prosperity in the summer of 2023. The website was launched on 11th January 2024. Her motivation is to provide accessible meditation teaching that promotes emotional well-being, self-discovery, personal growth.


Jingying works with both English and Chinese-speaking audiences, offering personalised meditation training across a diverse range of groups. Specifically, her one-on-one sessions are designed for children (and their parents), expectant/new mothers, corporate leaders, and academics.


Meditate into Prosperity offers a range of meditation services, including both in-person and online teaching, to suit individual preferences. Jinyging provides one-on-one training sessions in English and Mandarin, catering to a diverse clientele including children (and their parents), expectant/new mothers, corporate leaders, and academics. To give prospective clients an opportunity to experience my teaching style and session format, I also offer Taster Sessions. In the MiP signature program, Jingying provides a structured 3-level course series - Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced, designed for small class sizes. These levels are meticulously crafted to cater to participants at various stages of their meditation journey and to align with their individual aspirations. Each level is thoughtfully designed to build upon the previous one, ensuring a cohesive and progressive learning experience for all participants.



In addition to teaching meditation…


Jingying is a certified Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner, offering sessions focused on emotional healing. She also provides Heart-Wall clearing sessions. These complementary practices aim to release trapped emotions and raise vibrational frequencies, thereby facilitating emotional healing and enhancing overall well-being. They are instrumental in supporting individuals on their journey towards emotional freedom and personal growth.


Her favourite aspect of teaching is…


“…. witnessing the transformative impact that meditation has on my participants (clients). It's incredibly rewarding to see them grow in self-awareness, confidence, and inner peace, and especially fulfilling to see them bring out more of who they truly are. Observing participants emerge from states of depression or unease to become more themselves, embracing their authentic selves, is profoundly gratifying. 

Additionally, I value the opportunity to connect with people from diverse professions, learning from them and understanding collective paradigms. Offering tailored strategies for healing, mindfulness, and growth, and seeing the positive changes in my participants' lives, is what makes teaching so enriching for me”.



How you can work with, or find out more about Jingying and Meditate into Prosperity


Upcoming classes, courses and events:

Upcoming Taster Sessions (£15 for 1 hour) - 21st, 23rd and 28th February


Upcoming in-person and online MiP Foundation Group Courses:

IN PERSON - Starting 27th Feb 2024

ONLINE - Starting 29th Feb 2024 


I will be offering 30% discount for early registration. 


1-1 courses available, bookings through website. 



Social media and website links:


Main website:







T: +44 7877111953



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