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Those little windows of Grace by Catherine Thomlinson.

Take those little windows of grace…

Most days I find it easy to sit down in the morning and evening to meditate. I look forward to it.

But some days there’s a sort of resistance – I feeling of ‘I can’t’ or ‘oh not today’. Which is strange really when I value it so much.  

Today was such a day… I got up and found myself doing a hundred and one things, pushing the thought of meditating to one side to catch up on my emails, prepare some work for the BSoM teacher training course which I’m running in February and sorting the paperwork for my Meditation Fridays which is starting in January.

The thought of meditation kept niggling, but I ignored it – choosing instead to get on!

On days like this I find that there is often a little window of grace. Today it was at sunset when I was turning on the lights in my sitting room.

Instead of turning away from the moment, I just sat down, closed my eyes, and connected with my breath. Then the mantra that I’ve been using came into my mind. I meditated for about 15 minutes which is shorter than usual, but I felt energised, settled, and calm.

The initial sitting down to meditate isn’t always that easy and we can always find other things more pressing to do. But it does get easier the more often we sit down to practise.

I’m so glad I listened to that little nudge and took the window of opportunity to connect and be present!

Catherine Thomlinson



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