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August's Member Appreciation - Louise Fenner, Discover Yoga, Discover You

In August we celebrate our amazing register member Louise Fenner, from Discover Yoga, Discover you. 


Louise has a small and dedicated Yoga Studio in Chipping Sodbury with around 150 regular students which she supports. She runs workshops, retreats, meditation courses and yoga holidays. 


We asked Louise to share some information about her business, her teachings and her own meditation experience, so that you can get to know her better.



What Louise says about meditation…


I have been practicing Meditation for around 4 or 5 years – initially as an integral part of my yoga practice but now as a separate discipline that I continue to nurture and grow. 


I’ve tried many times throughout my life to meditate but its only really since I began struggling with peri-menopause, menopause and as a way of enriching my physical yoga practice that it really has matured into something truly amazing.


I enjoy most styles of meditation, particularly visualisation & guided relaxation techniques, candle gazing and but my absolute go to is Vipassana and / or chanting.  Vipassanana mindfulness-based meditation technique just ticks all the boxes for me, personally. 


I’m a natural introvert and so being able to sit quietly in my own space, anywhere, away from all distractions, over-thinking and situations of overwhelm is simply a true joy to me.


I enjoy this type of meditation as it doesn’t have to be in a temple, a studio or require any special equipment or clothing. So maybe on a train journey or stood in a long queue somewhere I know as a minimum I can simply soften my gaze, ground, breathe and just be.....the ultimate portable practice!



She trained with the British School of Meditation because...


 I wanted to learn with accredited experts.  There are obviously many, many, courses out there – and I’m sure they are all great,  but personally I was looking for and needed the accredited support and knowing I was receiving the latest in meditation knowledge and teaching. 



What she loved about the training course was…


… upon first contact BSoM, I felt welcome and supported. I chatted initially to Sarah P about the course and through her all just clicked into place for me.  With BsoM it’s the warm and supportive welcome and support you receive that made me feel at home.... PLUS this support has continued to this day even though I passed my course a few years ago....





About Louise’s business


Louise set up Discover Yoga Discover You as soon as she completed her training at the end of 2019 and, due to lockdown she started teaching her team members at work. This was very successful and she also started her formal Meditation Teacher Training with BsoM.


Once lockdown lifted slightly, she had the opportunity to teach at a local Wellness Centre in Chipping Sodbury, Bristol and immediately increased her class offerings to also include Seated Yoga and Yoga Nidra. She began teaching a Beginners Yoga Course too and it wasn’t long before she had 50 regular students on my books.


She now teaches 10+ classes a week and leads regular day and weekend Yoga Retreats with her first international Yoga Retreat being held at the end of next year. She loves to collaborate and have a growing network of like-minded wellness professional that she works with to provide the best in health and wellness activities to as many students as possible. 


Her passion is to introduce as many students as she can to the vast benefits of a regular Yoga and Meditation practice and she made a firm commitment to support them and to help them thrive in their practices both on and off the mat. Yoga and Meditation practice helped Louise through some very difficult times and she is very driven to help support others this way too. 


Discover Yoga, discover You offers the following sessions:


  • 8 Yoga Classes a week for beginners to Intermediate level 
  • Regular 5-week Yoga Course for Complete Beginners 
  • Talk and Move Yoga Class for Men
  • Introduction to Meditation for Beginners
  • Yoga Nidra Workshop – Guided relaxation (sleep with trace awareness)
  • Seated Yoga, Relaxation and Tai Chi Shibashi Class
  • Sunday Slow Flow Tai Chi Shibashi Class
  • Yoga Movement, Meditation and Philosophy Classes / workshops
  • Weekend Retreats
  • International Yoga & Meditation Holidays and Full Day workshops


As a lifelong Mechanical Engineer working in an all-male teams and environments most of her life, Louise knows how difficult it can be for men to find support when the struggles and stresses of life hit hard. So her new venture ‘Talk and Move Yoga class for men’ is something she is very passionate about. It’s a little ground breaking too as Talk Club have been kind enough to support her as a female leading an all men’s class. 




In addition to teaching meditation…


Louise is also a qualified yoga teacher, a Tai Chi Shibashi Instructor and began her Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with The Shala School of Yoga in London.




Her favorite aspect of teaching is…


“Watching those who have never practiced yoga and meditation before and seeing them begin to thrive very quickly in their practice…


The results we have achieved together are magical and most of my students are now regulars and we are still practicing together every week.


It’s not easy to take that first step into a yoga studio as it still comes with a certain “challenging” image that doesn’t appeal to “real people” (think Instagram and social media!) and so having my regulars and constantly growing following means the world to me.


I love that yoga and meditation soothes my soul, supports me and enriches my life but my teaching just ices the cake!


I simple love each and every opportunity to teach and share my own learning with my students in the hope that it enrichs and provides them with the same support and provide a small oasis of calm for while in a crazy world”




How can you work with or find out more about Louise?



Next 5 week Yoga and Meditation Course for Complete Beginners on Sept 6th


Talk and Move Yoga for Men


Westonbirt Outdoor Yoga, Tai Chi and Mediation


Magic Soul Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga workshops (bi-monthly)


Louise is also co-managing a well-being tent at the South Glos Show on 5/6th August



You can find out more about Louise’s offering by visiting her website or following her on social media:


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