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September's Member Appreciation - Becky Mitchell, Present Moment Meditation

In September we celebrate our fabulous register member Becky Mitchell from Present Moment Meditation. 


Becky has been teaching meditation for just over 3 years and runs regular courses and workshops for beginner’s and experienced meditators alike. 


We asked Becky to share some information about her business, her teachings and her own meditation experience, so that you can get to know her better.


What Becky says about meditation…


“I have been practising meditation for around 6 years and I absolutely love chanting, however, I usually avoid this is in my classes as I know it's not everyone’s cup of tea. My go to meditation on a daily basis is usually either breathing or Loving Kindness. I love the flexibility of meditation and how meditation can be used to suit the mood or situation- it really isn't one size fits all”



She trained with the British School of Meditation because...


I was looking for an accredited course. I also really liked the course content and that it allowed me to have the skills to set up my business. 


I started meditating myself at a really stressful time in my life when I was very poorly (with my mental health) and in all honesty I was a little sceptical about how meditation could help. On my first try of meditation I felt a little bit better so I tried again the next day and felt a little better again, by day 3 I was hooked. By training and setting up my business I was keen to support people and bring meditation to people like me. I really wanted to make meditation accessible to people and with it, bringing positive mental health benefits. 


What she loved about the training course was …


Meeting other like-minded people was great and the course content was fantastic. I liked that we were able to practice scripts and get feedback- it was really helpful. I still sue a lot of what I wrote in the essays to feed into my courses now. 


About Becky’s business, Present Moment Meditation 


Becky set up Present Moment Meditation in July 2020, she was initially just teaching online due to the pandemic. Her motivation was to make meditation accessible in terms of content and price. 


She says there are a lot of myths about meditation such as how to sit and what to do with your thoughts and it can put a lot of people off. Becky is really keen for meditation to be something everyone can access. She always has concession spots on her course for people who identify as low income and she also makes sure that content is easy to understand and built to participants needs. 


Becky works with a variety of people from both Corporate clients to individuals. Some people have mediated for years and want to explore different areas of meditation, other people are brand new to meditation and want to give it a go. She loves the variety and hearing people's stories. 

Present Moment meditation offers the following sessions:

  • Introduction courses, both 121 and groups
  • Intermediate course,
  • Online meditation that is monthly and all about the months ahead to help people live seasonally and in the moment more. 
  • A series of stand alone events such as retreats and a collaboration called Mindful Scents where Becky works with a fantastic aromatherapy oil brand, including meditation and massage. 


In addition to teaching meditation …

Becky has just completed training to lead cacao ceremonies. This fantastic plant medicine has been used for thousands of years to bring a whole range of health benefits. Sessions are an hour and half and will include a series of meditations, mindfully drinking cacao and also a drumming journey. 



Her favourite aspect of teaching is… 


“Meeting people! 100%! Seeing how people change and grow during courses is an amazing thing to witness”


How can you work with or find out more about Becky and Present Moment Meditation 

7th Sept- Monthly online meditation session. Expect meditations, music, readings, folk tales all about September. At the end of the session I’ll provide a guided meditation audio recording of one of the meditations so you can practice at home. £5 per person. 8-8.45pm

13th Sept- Mindful Scents - An evening of Meditation, Aromatherapy and Ancient Egypt with a guided self-hand massage using Nefertum aromatherapy oils, a grounding meditation. 7-8pm. Space Therapies, Stirchley, Birmingham

25th Sept – 5 week Introduction to Meditation course starts. 8 different meditations as well as have a series of talks and discussions such as What is Meditation?, The History of Meditation and The Science Behind Meditation. We will aim for you to leave the course knowing which meditations work well for you and give you tools in your tool belt to use in day to day life.
The sessions will be tailored to the group and will be suitable for beginners, as well as those who are regular meditators.

You will be encouraged to practice on your own during the week and I will provide helpful written guides and guided meditation audio recordings of what we have covered in the sessions to help you.

£85 per person with 2 concession places available. 7-8pm  Space Therapies, Stirchley, Birmingham



You can find out more about Becky’s offering by visiting her website or following her on social media:





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