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Helen and Mary are the course directors. They established the British School of Meditation in 2011 and began teaching the course in Cheltenham. In 2014 they decided to expand the School and set up new centres. The School now has six centres throughout the country. In 2020 the decision was made to offer training online as well as face to face. 

Helen Galpin

Helen Galpin has worked in the natural products industry for over 40 years with a wealth of experience in the business world. She is a director of The Nutrition Centre which has two busy shops, which have won national awards.

Helen found meditation 16 years ago as a way to combat stress in her personal life. Meditation has become an important part of her daily life, it has helped Helen to become a calmer and more focussed person, in fact it is true to say that meditation has added a whole new dimension to her life.

Helen has also trained as a Reiki Master/teacher, she teaches Reiki on a regular basis as well as running Reiki Meditation Days. She teaches meditation as a method to help deal with the stresses of day to day living

Mary Pearson

Mary Pearson is a very experienced meditation teacher. She began teaching meditation to her pupils at school in the 1990’s and has been teaching adults since 2001. Mary has a twice daily meditation practice and believes that learning to meditate is one of the most important things she has ever done.

As well as teaching her own groups and developing a 1-2-1 practice, Mary has worked with organisations such as Lloyds Banking Group and EDF Energy and with schools in Gloucestershire. More and more businesses are discovering that meditation could well be the answer to stress in the workplace. This is one of the reasons that Mary got together with Helen Galpin to start the British School of Meditation to train more meditation teachers.

In December 2010 Mary’s book ‘Meditation, the Stress Solution’ was published by HotHive books. In the book Mary shows how meditation is indeed the stress solution. Her story and the evidence from many of her students show clearly what a difference meditation can make to our lives. You can buy a signed copy of Mary's book by emailing her directly at mary@teaching-meditation.co.uk   

'Mary Pearson's "Meditation: The Stress Solution" is an easy-to-read guide to bring meditation into your life. Mary's practical approach allows complete beginners to understand what meditation is all about. Mary takes you through simple-to-do practices including breathing, the use of mantras and visualisation that are great for anyone who has been scared off by the mystical or religious side of this practice. As an added bonus, these exercises are also on a CD that's included with the book. This book is a great way to begin your meditative practice.' Jennie Bayliss, Red Dandelion.

“My surprise from the first class was that meditation is something that I CAN do. It is no longer the seemingly impossible task that only yogis or very spiritual people can do. Mary grounds the ideas of meditation in ways that are accessible to everyone and she has enabled me to meditate.”

Cerys Williams

The photo above is Dr David Hamilton with Helen and Mary after his workshop for the School on 25th March 2017. 42 people enjoyed a wonderful talk on the Side Effects of Kindness, based on David's new book.


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The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.

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