Meditation classes in the South East

Darren Pugh


Tel: 01908 646 338

Mob: 07979 317 490

Nearest Town/City: Milton Keynes

Bonnie Dawn Roberts

Email: or

Website: or

Tel: 07957 571 620

Nearest Town/City: Reading

Mary Neilson

Tel: 01227 637 129

Mob: 07918 183 098


Nearest Town/City: Herne Bay

Julie Toland

Tel: 01462 338373

Mob: 07581 092947


Nearest Town/City: Letchworth

Eugenie Griffiths - Bluebell Says


Tel: 07500 4742533

Nearest Town/City: Manningtree

Caroline Neal


Tel: 07971 897678

Nearest Town/City: Beaconsfield

Sheena Rose


Tel: 07711 640832

Nearest Town/City: Bromley

Jacqueline Saunders - Meditating Matters


Tel: 07885 364439

Nearest Town/City: Reading

Judy Claughton - Balance Time


Tel: 01189 305586 / 07789 713876

Nearest Town/City: Reading

Emma Weaver Therapies


Tel: 01403 710456 / 07748 617867

Nearest Town/City: Horsham

Amanda Addie - Walk With Me Meditation


Tel: 07378 747476

Nearest Town/City: Gosport

Meredith Whitely


Tel: 07751 623457

Nearest Town/City: Beaconsfield

Joanne McCormick - The Healthy Head Company


Tel: 07762 787584

Nearest Town/City: Ukfield

Laura Buchanan


Tel: 07787 427261

Nearest Town/City: Newbury

Michael Armstrong - Herts Compassion - Mindfulness Meditation


Tel: 07484 658288

Nearest Town/City: Hitchin

Karen Bradley


Tel: 07719 615756

Nearest Town/City: Dorking

Liz Wright


Tel: 07808 184458

Nearest Town/City: Tunbridge Wells

Jane Rainey - Meditation for living


Tel: 07971008337

Nearest Town/City: Bicester

Gillian Ward - Mindful Medicine


Tel: 07840 620731

Nearest Town/City: Newbury

Wendy Hick


Tel: 07986 678495

Nearest Town/City: Cheam

Clare Flint


Tel: 07786 364031

Nearest Town/City: Sutton

Anne-Marie Evans - The Meditation Haven


Tel: 07707 470336

Nearest town/city: Reading

Lauren Barber


Tel: 07739 134258

Nearest town/city: Tonbridge

Sophie Lacey - Linden Tree Meditation


Tel: 07982 756609

Nearest town/city: Thame

Barbara Reynolds - Bluesky Meditation


Tel: 07512 281136

Nearest town/city: Maldon

Lesley Goodchild - Calm Again


Tel: 07950 745755

Nearest Town/City: Colchester

Louise Birt - Make Mind Space


Tel: 07946 200001

Nearest Town/City: Oxford

Meditation classes in the South East

The British School of Meditation (BSoM) makes it easy to find meditation classes in the South East. See the list of teachers offering classes in your area now. Classes in Brighton coming soon!

Imagine a crowded commuter train from Brighton or Kent, tomorrow's PTA meeting or other life challenges. Is your heart racing? Now relax, because meditation classes in South East England are now available to help you cope better with the stresses of modern day life.

Lifeproof yourself with meditation courses in the South East.

If we had a proven antidote to life's pace, you'd want it, right? Whether you're an individual or an organisation wanting to offer employees meditation, our qualified, registered teachers run accessible meditation courses throughout the South East, including, very soon, meditation in Brighton.

With so much pressure on you, it's reassuring that a meditation course and regular meditation can help against stress and life's other trials – for life. Meditation can also help with other aspects of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being including these:

• Cardiovascular function
• Blood pressure
• Immune system
• Sleep
• Improved concentration
• Feeling happier

You'll look forward to your meditation class

 Live in Brighton? Looking for a secular approach to meditation? The Brighton Meditation Centre will be coming soon. We will be offering high quality meditation classes in Brighton as soon as we can. We have teachers now in Herne Bay, Newbury and Stowmarket. There are many meditation classes in Brighton now so it won't be long before we are offering meditation classes in Brighton too.

Meditation student Cerys Williams says:

'My surprise from the first class was that meditation is something that I CAN do. It is no longer the seemingly impossible task that only yogis or very spiritual people can do.'

So, how will you lifeproof yourself? Contact a BSoM-trained meditation teacher, learn to meditate and start to benefit.

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The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.