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Teachers in the South West England

Frances Campbell 

Email -

Tel: 07834 994827 

Nearest City - Bath

Paula Hewitt - Breathe

Tel: 07860 702 333

Nearest town/ city: Bristol

Mary- Ann Robinson - Tranquil Soul Wellbeing


Tel: 07917 195 969

Lynne Laughton - The Art of Mindfulness & Meditation


Tel: 07496 823 882

Nearest Town: Weston - Super - Mare

Clare Greatorex - My Bright Mind


Tel: 07855 350 373

Nearest Town/ City: Bristol

Warren Swartz


Tel: 07815939019

Nearest Town/ City: Muddiford

Suzy Langdon


Lisa Dollery


Nearest Town/ Cty: Somerset 

Carol Ramsey


Tel: 07768 732111

Nearest Town/City: Bath

Celia Beeson - Soundscape


Tel: 07742 131549

Nearest Town/City: Bristol

Jennie Holvey


Tel: 01392 833205 / 07807 653292

Nearest Town/City: Exeter

Mandy Johnson


Tel: 01453 791873 / 07494 313014

Nearest Town/City: Stonehouse/Stroud

Judy Claughton - Balance Time


Tel: 01189 305586 / 07789 713876

Nearest Town/City: Reading

Nina Stevenson


Tel: 07884 051075

Nearest Town/City: Bristol

Alexandra Chalmers-Francis


Tel: 07702 093183

Nearest Town/City: Clevedon

Deborah Peaceful


Tel: 01985 841603 / 0787 3145312

Nearest Town/City: Warminster

Matthew Albury - Mindful Meditation


Tel: 07758 313242

Nearest Town/City: Bristol, Thornbury & Nailsworth

Tracy Whiting


Tel: 07913 819689

Nearest Town/City: Bristol

Paul Dodd


Tel: 07564 353220

Nearest Town/City: Paignton and Brixham

Shelagh Gartley


Tel: 07748 254500 / 01242 512589

Nearest Town/City: Cheltenham

Jacqui Bagatelas Freedom Therapies


Tel: 07966 370242

Nearest Town/City: Bristol

Rachel Jelbert - Equilibrium Meditation


Tel: 07780 663614

Nearest Town/City: Weston-Super-Mare

Sarah Presley


Tel: 07590 621 495

Nearest Town/City: Bristol

Lynne Pick


Tel: 07806 640625

Nearest Town/City: Bristol

Tara Leyden - Pure Presence Meditation


Tel: 07723 999668

Nearest Town/City: Weston-Super-Mare


Meditation classes in South West England

Meditation classes in the South West, from Gloucestershire and Somerset to Devon and Cornwall, here's why they're great for busy Lifestyles...
You're running late in Plymouth, the kids need a lift to Bristol, and your partner just texted about delays at Tiverton Parkway! It happens, but there's an answer. BSoM meditation classes are the perfect answer to life's frenetic pace.

The West Country's liveability is renowned, but problems don't stop at Somerset! If we offered a proven antidote to life's pace, you'd love some wouldn't you? Maybe your company plans employee meditation sessions, or you want individual training. Either way, our qualified, registered teachers offer meditation classes and courses in South West England.

Lifeproof yourself with meditation classes in South West England

As lots of busy people know, attending a meditation course and developing a regular meditation practice can help you fight stress and life's other challenges. Meditation can also help with other aspects of well-being such as these:

• Heart and blood pressure health
• Concentration
• Immune system well-being
• Quality of sleep
• General happiness
Scientific research has shown that learning to meditate can bring significant benefits to mind, body and spirit.

Look forward to the calm of your meditation

When something specific or just 'life in general' weighs heavy, you'll look forward to the calm of your meditation class and learning a skill for life.

BSoM-qualified teacher, Jenny Warner, says:

‘I went to Mary’s introductory meditation classes three years ago because I was having problems sleeping. I now meditate every day and have found it so helpful not only for my sleeping but also for managing the stresses of a busy job and home. I find that I am more focussed and get more done and get far less stressed about life. I really look forward to the meditation class on a Thursday evening and I have met some lovely people who I enjoy meditating with and who have become friends. I have now trained as a BSoM teacher and I am teaching classes in Cheltenham’.

So how will you tackle life’s stresses – for life? Contact a BSoM-trained teacher, learn to meditate and benefit for life.

If there is not a meditation centre near you at the moment: email: to register your interest and as soon as we have a class up and running Clare will be in touch with you. .

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The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.