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Teachers in Wales

Lianne O'Donnell - Lianne Stiassni Healing


Nearest Town City: Swansea and London

Janice Thompson


Tel: 07989 183191

Nearest Town/City: Welshpool

Jan Hoggan - Kalija Therapies


Tel: 07888 111266

Nearest Town/City: Swansea

Natalie Snuggs - Stillworks Meditation


Tel: 07341 264686 / 01446 792316

Nearest Town/City:Llantwit Major

Andrew Lewis - Equanimity


Tel: 07538 809453 / 01495 225530

Nearest Town/City: Blackwood

Jacqui Bastock


Tel: 07429 761 425

Nearest Town/City: Swansea


Meditation classes in Wales

Meditation classes in Wales make the perfect lifeproofer. Here's why...

Do you face the challenge of farming in mid-Wales – or fast-paced business life on Cardiff Bay? Whether EU agricultural policy or next week's board meeting is on your mind, BSoM meditation classes can help.

Accessible meditation classes in Wales

If we offered an effective answer to life's pace, you'd be interested wouldn't you? Whether you're an individual or a large Welsh organisation wanting to offer employees meditation, our qualified, registered teachers offer accessible meditation courses in Wales.

Whatever sets your pulse racing, it's good to know a meditation course and regular meditation can help you combat life's stressors – for life. Not just stress either: meditation can help with other facets of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being including these:

• Sleep
• Heart care and blood pressure
• Immune system
• Concentration
• Happiness

You'll look forward to your meditation class

When difficult relationships, congestion at the Brynglas tunnels or 'life in general' stress you out, you'll look forward to the sanctuary of your meditation class and daily meditation.

Claire Stokes, an events organiser, says:

'Mary’s classes have been an absolute godsend at a particularly difficult time for me personally. In particular, the Beginners’ course in Meditation was fantastic and gave me the tools to deal with everyday stresses. As an events organiser this has been very useful!'

So how will you combat life’s stresses? Contact your BSoM-trained meditation teacher, learn to meditate and start benefiting.

If there is not a meditation centre near you at the moment: email: to register your interest and as soon as we have a class up and running Clare will be in touch with you.

Contact Us

The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.