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Teachers in Northern England

Elaine Morley - Find your Balance 


Email -

Tel - 07970 622104 

Nearest City/Town - Rochdale

Lissa Pickles - Journey 48


Tel: 07590 950 077

Nearest Town/ City: Clitheroe

Olga Gomez-Cash - Meditating with Olga


Tel: 0781 082 4191

Nearest Town: Leyland/ Preston

Martin Brown


Tel: 07967 201844

Nearest Town/City: Durham

Andrea Trimble - Vitality Wellbeing Partnership


Tel: 07838 407495

Nearest Town/City: Wigan

Joanne Mullen


Tel: 07855 830265

Nearest town/city: York/Beverley/Hull

Barbara Rost


Tel: 07824 363646

Nearest town/city: Chester

Sandra Gilfillan


Tel: 07878 824404

Nearest Town/City: Chester

Leanne Cowburn - Purely Wellbeing


Tel: 07825 883438

Nearest Town/City:Bolton

Catherine Banks - Elestial Therapy


Tel: 07958 508035

Nearest town/city: Manchester/Didsbury



Meditation Classes in Northern England

Meditation classes in Northern England make the perfect antidote to your busy lifestyle...

What's the answer when commuting into Liverpool, Manchester or Sheffield is wearing you down, it's Monday and your inbox is overflowing? When a revitalising day in the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales seems far away, try our meditation classes. Northern England is a great place to feel the benefit.

Find calm with meditation classes in Northern England – coming soon – meditation classes in Manchester and Sheffield.

If we had a simple remedy for life's pressures, you'd want it wouldn't you? Whether it's just for you, or your organisation wants to offer meditation, our qualified, registered teachers provide meditation classes and courses in Northern England.

Relax and start benefiting. It's good to know a meditation class and regular meditation can help with stress and worries – for life. What's more, meditation can help with other aspects of your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Scientific research has shown that regular meditation can help with:

• Better sleep
• Heart and blood pressure health
• Immune system
• Better concentration
• Feeling happier

You'll look forward to your regular meditation class.

Even when work stresses, money or just 'life in general' are on your mind, you'll look forward to your meditation class and daily meditation practice.

So find the meditation classes in your area and begin your meditation journey.

If there is no meditation centre near you at the moment: email: to register your interest and as soon as we have a class up and running Clare will be in touch with you. 
Give yourself the opportunity to learn a wonderful skill and find peace and calm in your life. Find a meditation class near you.

 A meditation class attendee Jayne Robbins says:
'...feel calm, relaxed and energised by life all at the same time.'

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The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.