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Upcoming Courses

2020 Course Dates


Course 1

Part 1 - Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd February

Part 2- Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th April



Course 2

Part 1- Friday 8th - Sunday 10th May

Part 2 - Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st June


Course 3

Part 1 - Friday 24th, Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th July 

Part 2 - Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September

This course will be delivered online


Courses will be held at


The Fold  (see link for venue details)


Contact Catherine to enquire about doing this course 

07958 508035

 The course fee is £1250.00 and is payable in 5 instalments: 

£250 upon registration and 4 further instalments of £250


Meditation Teacher training in Worcester with Catherine Banks 

About Catherine:

I discovered meditation properly whilst travelling alone in Asia. I was going through quite a difficult time in my life and decided to visit various monasteries in Cambodia, where I learned Vipassana meditation. I deepened my knowledge by practising alongside Buddhist monks at a forest monastery in Thailand, where I delved into the practice of meditation in general and the art of silence, committing to a 10 day silent retreat. On return to the UK, I continued my own daily meditation practice and began to learn different styles of meditation. I have since committed to a regular daily practice of 20 minutes per day and ensure that I attend retreats when I can.My daily meditation practice has helped me to help cope with severe grief and associated anxiety and depression, as well as a variety of other huge benefits. Meditation has most definitely been a wonderful gift for me, changing my life for the better in so many wonderful ways. For me, meditation is not just a practice, it’s a way of life.

After training with the British School of Meditation in 2015 and receiving my externally accredited qualification, I began my own business as a meditation teacher and holistic therapist. I have since also obtained a diploma in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Over the years, I have worked with various clients, both private and corporate. With a background in law, I have been able to utilise my skills to help those suffering from stress in the workplace, as I have first-hand knowledge of how meditation can help in coping with high pressure at work. My work as a meditation teacher has also allowed me to work within hospices, teaching meditation techniques to patients and staff and with various charities, including Barnardos UK. 

Since becoming a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation, I can honestly say that I have now found my passion in life, being able to share the gift of meditation with others is such a blessing. Now, as a trainer for the school, my aim is to help others to do the same; to follow their own passion in teaching meditation and share this gift further. As the teacher training course is externally accredited by Ofqual, enrolling on this course is definitely the best option for those wishing to teach meditation as a skill to others. The course allows you to delve into the theory behind meditation as well as the practicalities, helping you to become the best teacher you can be. Becoming part of the British School of Meditation will also be an invaluable support network along your journey. I am so grateful to be able to teach the BSoM course within the  West Midlands region




Having started my meditation journey a year ago I really experienced such amazing physical and mental benefits that I felt motivated to learn more.

I wanted to be accredited as a guided meditation teacher and so the BSOM was the way forward.

I have found the course to be an amazing experience , I have a great peer group who support and encourage and we all want to promote the best meditation experiences for our students.

Catherine has been a totally amazing teacher, very open and encouraging and a true inspiration.

I would hugely recommend the BSOM course to anyone .

Petra - West Midlands course 2020



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The British School of Meditation has been established to train teachers in meditation techniques to meet the growing demand for highly trained and accredited meditation teachers throughout the UK including: the Midlands, South West, Wales, North West, North East, London and the South East.