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YouTube vlog on silence


Whenever I tell friends I am going on a silent retreat most of them react by saying ‘I couldn’t do that’.

The idea of silence can be daunting, and I think for some people quite frightening. To be alone with your thoughts with no opportunity to chat with others about your day, the latest news, gossip etc.

We are social beings and most people enjoy a good chat. We can talk about our problems with friends and perhaps gain some insight and wisdom. So, why, then would anyone want to spend several days in complete silence?

We live in a noisy, 24/7 world, under pressure to respond almost instantly to texts and emails, to keep up to date with our Facebook postings, and join other social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn. There is a 24-hour news cycle with constant updates so that we can know what is going on anywhere in the world by looking at Google or at an app on our Smartphone.

For me the opportunity to get away from this has become really important. I work from home, so my work computer is in my home office. I have been to lots of different places on retreat and have come to appreciate deep silence while on away. Just getting away from home and the office gives me an opportunity to recharge my batteries and reconnect with my spirituality.

Helen has just created a blog on silence:


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