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British School of Meditation Blog

British School of Meditation Blog


Welcome to the British School of Meditation blog on Meditation Teacher Training

On our YouTube channel Helen has posted a vlog on using positive affirmations:

As Helen explains positive affirmations can be very useful to change our mindset. We can often grumble and mutter away to ourselves in a negative way. We all do it, we can grumble about the weather, the lack of any decent programmes on TV, the deterioration of the clothes in Mark and Spencer (this is one of mine, but I don’t think I’m alone!), and if I dare mention it: Brexit!!

Using positive affirmations can help to change your life for the better. One of mine is ‘I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise’ – it’s a work in progress, but it does help me feel much more positive about every area of my life.

You can use cards as Helen suggests too, the pack she recommends by Louise Hay can be found here:

Give affirmations a go and notice the changes happening in your life.


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