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The hero's Journey

The Hero’s journey

This week I attended a talk at the Isbourne Centre given by Will Gethin on The Hero’s Journey.

I have known Will for a long time, and we worked together at the Isbourne for a while. Will was employed to do PR for the centre and also to promote the guest speaker programme. Some of the speakers include: Brandon Bays, Byron Katie, and Peter Owen Jones.

His talk last night was about the hero’s journey made famous by Joseph Campbell. 'Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls' Joseph Campbell. 

There are 12 steps in the journey – the journey begins when the hero receives a call to action which presents a challenge to his usual existence. At first there is normally resistance to the call (we’ve all been there!).

The resistance can be challenged by meeting a mentor, someone helps the hero overcome his doubts and fears and feel encouraged to begin his journey.

There are a series of tests and challenges on the way which our hero needs to overcome. By the way, I am using he/him but the journey also applies to women.

The hero now has to confront his biggest fears and darkest moments and come through the challenges, and being rewarded with new found confidence.

The hero now begins to work his way back, feeling empowered by his experiences and ready share with others the rewards of his journey.  and

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