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British School of Meditation Blog

British School of Meditation Blog


Welcome to the British School of Meditation blog on Meditation Teacher Training

Using beads, cards and pebbles as aids to meditation

Our latest vlog looks at the different tools we can use as an aid to meditation.

Music can be a wonderful aid to meditation – there are lots of CDs, mp3s and downloads from Spotify and others.

A great album is Zen and the Art of Relaxation

Mala beads are very useful when we are meditating especially when we want to chant. A set of beads consists of 108 beads which is a sacred number in the Buddhist tradition. I find meditating with mala beads very good for taking me into a lovely quiet space.

The most common mantra chanted with mala beads is Om Mani Padi Hum.

Pebbles can also be great aids to meditation. These pebbles have a word you can use when meditating. The most common words are: peace, love, kindness and happiness.

So, do have a look at these aids to meditation and see if any of them will support your meditation practice.


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